The Peel River Inn
Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories
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Fort McPherson ,
Northwest Territories
Welcome to Fort McPherson
Fort McPherson is located on a narrow slope of land that rises above the Peel River at the northern edge of the treeline. Canoeists can paddle the Peel River on its winding route to the Mackenzie Delta. The famous Dempster Highway runs by Fort McPherson.

While you're in Fort McPherson be sure to visit the Fort McPherson Tent & Canvas Company, world famous for their prospector tents and tipis. (more...)Fort McPherson
Aerial view of Fort McPherson

Snowmobiling near Eagle Lake
Snowmobiling near Eagle Lake

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Located on the East bank of the scenic and historic Peel River, the Peel River Inns North Hotel offers guests the finest of amenities in an idyllic arctic setting. (more...)

Dempster Highway
The Dempster Highway leading to Fort McPherson

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