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Fort McPherson Outfitters

Inns North

The Peel River Inn

Peel River Inn

in Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories

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Inns North hotels are located in:

Fort McPherson Outfitters

Local outfitters can arrange and accompany adventurers on:

  • boat tours of the Peel River
  • hiking in the Richardson Mountains
  • hunting expeditions
  • cross country skiing trips
  • fishing trips
  • bird watching tours
  • snowmobiling trips
  • tours of the Mackenzie River Delta

Outfitters can arrange spectacular trips for individuals or groups to areas off the beaten path.

Snowmobiling near Eagle Lake

Snowmobiling near Eagle Lake

Richardson Mountains

The Richardson Mountains

Cooking Moose Meat

Cooking moose meat


Arctic cross country skiing

Peel River

The Peel River

Fort McPherson Outfitters and Guides

For information in local outfitters and guides in the area, please contact:


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